Can you single-handedly get new employees trained faster than a speeding bullet? Can you produce training materials more powerful than a locomotive? Are you able to take employee skills to the next level in a single bound?

Welcome to the demands of the hero known as the one-person training department.

The truth is that many small businesses need that one-person training hero because it isn't feasible to have multiple educators. These professionals are responsible for ensuri...

When you walk into the office as a manager for the first time, do you know what kind of manager you’re going be?  Do you know how you’ll gain the confidence of your team, handle crisis and meet your goals?  There are several ways to gain the answers to questions just like these.  You can shape your management style with resources like personal experience, advice and training.

If you’re a new manager, it’s not uncommon to ...

Many businesses are putting greater emphasis on leadership training because veteran supervisors are nearing retirement.

According to a recent survey, most companies are beginning to focus on producing quality managers. In 2012, the Society for Human Resources Management found that 52 percent of HR professionals believe that replacing current leaders will be the biggest hurdle...

When it comes to training, it's all about making ourselves better...maybe even the best in what we do.  Every year, there are those lists that come out ranking the “best companies to work for.”  Typically they’re based on anything from growth to culture.  Both of those things can go hand-in-hand when you think about it.  If your organization is home to a thriving, productive, positive environment…then you’re going to experience growth.

Have you e...

Are you buying a Super Bowl ad this year?  If not, there are plenty of good reasons for it.  For example…they’re expensive, they’re expensive, they’re expensive AND they’re expensive.  But let’s just pretend that you got an email last week that read:

“Super Bowl Ads are 80 percent off!  Everything must go!”

So, then you decide to buy one.  What would your Super Bowl commercial look like?  What would you want it to say about your company or product?  What would be...

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