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Why give your work away if you don't have to? Knowing the right words to say can make the difference between working late into the night for peanuts and going home at a decent hour with money in your pocket.

Most owners and managers think that people won't pay good money to get their cars fixed. The truth is that they don't want to pay any money to get them fixed. But they will spend top dollar if you know how to ask for it and have the objection handling skills to back it up.

The course is designed to teach anyone and everyone in an auto repair or transmission shop to deal with customers effectively. It will even show technicians, who don't normally talk to customers, how to make telephone price shoppers want to bring their cars in for diagnosis and repair.

Having trouble with that initial phone call when the customer asks how much? Most everybody does. That's why one of the lessons in the set is devoted strictly to teaching you how to get that customer to the shop.

You'll learn the words that will make them want to bring the car in for you to diagnose so you can offer them the best possible service. Then it won't only be about price anymore.

Some of you have spent many thousands of dollars going to management workshops and consultants who tell you to keep good statistics and watch the bottom line. The real deal is that if you don't learn effective methods of getting your price consistently while raising your customer count, the only statistic you'll be watching is your bottom line shrinking away to nothing!

Included Topics
  • The Thirteen Rules of Selling - Understanding both your attitude and the customer's to create a win-win sale that makes everyone happy

  • Portrait of an Automotive Professional - The way to look and act if you really want to make it big

  • Controlling the conversation & the Flow of the Sale- Methods of speaking that allow you to lead the customer instead of the other way around

  • Questioning Techniques- Six different questioning methods that will provide all the ammunition you need

  • Qualifying the Customer - Find out exactly what the customer is thinking so you can use their thoughts to close the sale

  • Wholesale & Fleet - Prospecting - Effective methods of seeking out new & profitable accounts

  • Wholesale & Fleet - Planning Your Presentation - Offering value added services that the competition is either unwilling or unable to provide

  • Wholesale & Fleet - Making Appointments & Meeting People - Don't be like the telemarketers you hang up on. When you have to call for an appointment - do it right. Then find out how to mak a good & lasting first impression

  • Wholesale & Fleet - Earning the Right to Make Your Presentation - Sometimes you have to jam your foot in the door. Learn the techniques that will get you past the first "no"

  • Wholesale & Fleet - Presentation Techniques - Having great benefits to offer isn't enough. They must be presented in a way that will make the customer accept them

  • Objection Handling Concepts - Find out what price objections really mean and how to handle them by the numbers

  • Sales Closing Concepts - Most salespeople don't know when to close. Learn to spot the indicators that tell you when the time is right

  • Wholesale & Fleet - Closing Techniques - Tried and true closes for the successful conclusion of an outside sales call

  • Retail Sales - Telephone Answering Procedures & Techniques - Talking price shoppers in for diagnosis is the hardest job in sales. Discover all the sure fire tactics in this lesson

  • Retail Sales - Using Visual Aids as Sales Tools - Set your office up for selling. See how objects in your shop and office can make sales for you

  • Retail Sales - Road Testing Procedures & Techniques - More sales are lost on a road test than anywhere else. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls and use this time to your advantage

  • Retail Sales - Walking the Customer Through the Sale- Customers don't trust us very much. Remove their fears with a step by step tour of the work you want to perform

  • Retail Sales - Finalizing the Sale - Selling from the repair order. The more you write on it the easier it is to get your price

  • Retail Sales - Answering Objections - Learn how to handle every valid price objection you ever heard

  • Retail Sales - Closing Techniques - More tried and true closes for the retail trade

  • Customer Follow Up - Just because you sold them once doesn't mean that you'll do it again. Find out how to keep them coming in and bringing their friends

  • Time Planning & Growth - Don't have time to do all you need to? Discover the organization secrets of the very successful

  • Goal Setting & Achievement - If you don't know where your going any road will do. Learn how to set goals and reach you full potential
This sales training course presents a clearly defined and proven, step by step method of getting customers to your shop and selling to them for the right price once they get there. Then it teaches you how to keep those customers and build a long lasting referral business that will keep paying you dividends forever.

You Will Receive

Nine hours of first quality DVD video with awesome graphic effects packed in a durable plastic album with a seminar workbook.


"I learned not to be afraid to raise my labor rate. I took over a shop that was just breaking even. I'm now charging 40% more than he was and have way more customers than he had. If he would have had the nerve to ask for the right price he might still be here instead of me."

~Randell Green
"I used to send all my new employees to Terry's Seminar because I wanted everyone in my shop to be able to handle customers effectively. Now I don't have to wait or send them anywhere or even spend any money. All I do is hand them Terry's audio or video package and I'm done. In a few days I have someone who can sell a profitable job to a customer. Training just doesn't get any easier or more convenient than this."

~Brian Willig, Terre Haute, Indiana
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How to Sell Automotive Service and Repair
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