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Interactive Instructor-Based Publisher 2003 Essentials Video Training Course on DVD-ROM. Computer Based Training (CBT) and Video Based Training (VBT) have emerged as the premier training tools in recent years. KeyStone Self-Paced CBT/VBT courses are known for their high quality in-depth content. Compared to traditional training methods, KeyStone courses cost less and users can learn faster while taking advantage of some of the best trainers in the industry. They are easy to use, comfortable to follow, perfect for training at the office, on the road, or at home.

Levels included: • Beginner • Intermediate • Advanced

Trainer Information: Dr. Tom Murray is a business professor and director of technical education and training at Lynchburg College located in Lynchburg, Virginia. Working closely with Microsoft on the development of Microsoft Office tutorials for over 10 years. Dr. Murray has been featured in many industry publications, including the Microsoft Innovatice Teachers' website. Recently recognized as a 2003 Microsoft Model Professional Development Site, the KeyStone Learning Systems-sponsored "" website is recommended by more than 300 websites and accessed by thousands of learners each day. Dr. Murray's Microsoft Office training is known for its superior quality and ease of use. Publisher 2003: Beginner Level 1.0 Getting Started 1.1 Opening Publisher and Exploring the Publisher Desktop 1.2 Creating a New Publication 1.3 Navigating around a Publication Zooming in and Out 1.4 Saving Your Work and the Save Reminder 1.5 Closing and Opening a Publication 2.0 Getting Help 2.1 Using the Help Index, Getting Help over the Internet and Printing Help 2.2 Using and Customizing the Office Assistant 3.0 Working with a Publication 3.1 Personal Information 3.2 Entering and Formatting Text 3.3 Selecting, Moving, Sizing and Deleting Objects 3.4 Working with Guides and Rulers 3.5 Modifying the Page Setup 3.6 Logos and Design Gallery Objects 3.7 Working with a Publication Background 4.0 Using the Objects Toolbar 4.1 Changing the Placement of the Objects Toolbar 4.2 Inserting Text Frames 4.3 Adding Pictures 5.0 Printing a Publication 5.1 Checking the Printer Setup, Selecting Printer Options, Sending Your Work to the Printer and Troubleshooting Printing Publisher 2003: Intermediate Level 1.0 Wizards and Design Sets 1.1 Working with Design Sets and Using Special Paper 1.2 Using Wizards and Customizing a Document 2.0 Text Techniques 2.1 Importing Text 2.2 Wrapping Text Around Objects 2.3 Search and Replace 2.4 The Spell Checker and AutoCorrect 2.5 Indents 2.6 Working with Styles 3.0 Page Techniques 3.1 Creating Multi-column Text Frames 3.2 Moving, Inserting and Deleting Pages 3.3 Different Backgrounds for Left-Hand and Right-Hand Pages 3.4 Wrapping Text Around Other Elements 4.0 Object Techniques 4.1 Inserting Drawing Objects 4.2 Grouping and Aligning Objects 4.3 Rotating Objects Publisher 2003: Advanced Level 1.0 Advanced Graphic Techniques 1.1 Inserting Pictures from the Web using Keywords and the ClipArt Gallery 1.2 Cropping a Picture 1.3 Scaling Pictures 1.4 Re-Coloring Pictures 1.5 Rotating Pictures 1.6 Adding Borders and Shadows 2.0 Border Art 2.1 Creating and Customizing Border Art 3.0 Word Art 3.1 Creating a Word Art Object 3.2 Changing Text Formatting 3.3 Character Spacing 3.4 Special Effects 3.5 Editing a Word Art Object 4.0 Tables 4.1 Adding, Creating a Heading, and Entering Data into the Table 4.2 Selecting Cells, Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns and Formatting Table Data 5.0 Advanced Printing Techniques 5.1 Working with Commercial Printers and Specialized Printing Techniques 6.0 Object Link and Embedding (OLE) 6.1 Inserting and Updating an OLE Object 7.0 Using Mail Merge 7.1 Creating and Merging Address Lists 7.2 Merging with a non-Publisher source and Filtering or Sorting an Address List 8.0 Creating a Web Site 8.1 Creating a Business Web Page using the Web Site Wizard 8.2 Adding Information to Web Pages and Customizing the Web Site 8.3 Viewing the Web Site in a Browser and Defining Hyperlinks 8.4 Publishing to the Web 8.5 Creating a Personal Web Page 9.0 The Design Process 9.1 Planning 9.2 Selecting a Printer and Page Size and Orientation 9.3 Setting Up a Grid 9.4 Selecting a Color Scheme 9.5 Designing the Background 9.6 Positioning Text and Pictures 9.7 Fine-Tuning and Text Ove
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