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To automate repetitive tasks, Excel 2010 provides a time saving feature known as a macro. These small programs, created using either a simple macro recorder or by using the more complex VBA language, allow you to record the numerous steps involved in accomplishing a task so that they can be played back automatically when the macro is run. This results in time savings and increased efficiency in day-to-day tasks. This course will introduce you to macros in Excel and show you how to leverage their power to make you work with Excel easier.
  • identify the features of Excel 2010 macros
  • use the Macro Recorder to record and run a macro
  • identify the steps in recording a macro using the macro recorder
  • edit and delete macros
  • run a macro in different ways
  • prepare for recording a macro
  • record and run a macro
  • assign a macro to the developer tab on the Ribbon
  • add a macro the Quick Access Toolbar
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Automating Excel 2010 Tasks Using Macros Online course
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