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Enhance Client Satisfaction and Effectively Forestall Allegations of Impropriety

When it comes to client relations, everyday practice doesn't fit neatly into the bounds of legal ethics you learned in law school. This insightful course will teach you how to answer tough, real-world questions and avoid the top ten client-related ethical traps that catch attorneys by surprise. Head malpractice suits off at the pass and build stronger, more productive and positive client relationships - register today!

  • Effectively identify conflicts of interest and resolve them before it's too late.
  • Avoid creating an accidental attorney-client relationship.
  • Recognize easy-to-miss oversights in engagement agreements.
  • Examine practical, ethical ways to "fire" your client.
  • Find out how best to approach a client when you've make a mistake.
  • Gain tips for avoiding missed deadlines.
  • Forestall allegations of client fee trust mismanagement with our best practices guide.

Session Time: 2:00 PM - 5:15 PM Eastern
Presenters: Noah D. Fiedler and Katie M. Lachter

  1. Common Accidental Attorney-Client Relationships
  2. Unclear Engagement Agreements: Common Oversights
  3. Undetected, Unresolved Conflicts of Interest
  4. Failure to Protect Confidentiality
  5. Insufficient Communication
  6. Failure to Obtain Clear, Informed Client Consent
  7. Missed Deadlines
  8. Improper Treatment of Client Funds
  9. Failure to Own Up to a Mistake You've Made to your Client
  10. Ending Attorney-Client Relationship Improperly
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Legal Ethics: Top 10 Client Mistakes
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    Wednesday 1/31/2018
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