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Workplace Incident Investigation shows you how prepare for them, how to conduct them, how to stay within the legal parameters, and how to create a written investigation policy for your organization.

Learn how to conduct fair, thorough, and objective internal investigations to determine the root of a complaint or problem and what can be done to prevent it from happening again.

  • Learn how to establish legally sound investigation policies and procedures for your company
  • Learn how to prepare a written ROI (report of investigation) that will stand up in court, should your investigation reach that point
  • Learn about the legal guidelines you must follow during every step of the investigation process
Session 1
  • Section A: Dealing with Workplace Incidents
    • Things Will Happen
  • Section B: Who, What, and Why
    • Fair and Legal Workplace Investigations
    • When to Conduct an Investigation
    • Publish Policies
    • Preparation
    • Investigation Quiz
    • Preliminary Questions
  • Section C: Investigative Interview
    • Interviewing Form
    • Conducting an Investigation Interview
    • Right Way or Wrong Way
  • Section D: Documentation
    • Review Policies
    • Sorting Out Issues
    • Investigative Interview Review
    • Written Report
  • Section E: When to Use Outside Resources
    • Management Action
    • Professional Investigator
    • Resource Options
    • Developing a Relationship
    • Workplace Protection
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