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In this course, you'll examine Active Directory logical objects, permissions, and sharing. You'll learn about user and computer accounts, setting the appropriate types of permissions, and managing accounts in order to secure domain resources. This course is part of a series preparing for the Identity with Windows Server 2016 (70-742) exam.

Learning Objectives
  • Start the course
  • Automate the creation of Active Directory accounts
  • Create, copy, configure, and delete users and computers
  • Configure user templates
  • Perform bulk Active Directory operations
  • Configure NTFS permissions
  • Configure share permissions
  • Combine NTFS and share permissions and determine effective permissions
  • Implement offline domain join
  • Manage inactive and disabled accounts
  • Automate unlocking of disabled accounts using Windows PowerShell
  • Automate password resets using Windows PowerShell
  • Configure domain controller cloning
  • Determine effective permissions for a given scenario
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Server 2016 - Identity: Active Directory Accounts and Permissions Online course
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