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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
Prospecting: Panning for Sales Gold $74.95
Turning Objection into Opportunity during a Sales Call $74.95
Negotiating Well and Going for the Close $74.95
The Discovery Meeting: Starting Off on the Right Foot $74.95
The Value Proposition: Getting Your Pitch Right $74.95

Bundle Price: $199.00
Total Savings: $175.75

Prospecting: Panning for Sales Gold

The art of sales prospecting is an essential skill for sales professionals, even with all the technology and tools available today. Successful sales professionals recognize that prospecting is the key that unlocks the door to a winning sales process. This course will help you adopt a proper prospecting mindset and be able to leverage tools that will allow you to create a high quality list of prospects. You'll also learn how to prepare a value proposition and get ready to respond appropriately to prospects when you meet them face-to-face.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify tools and resources used for sales prospecting
  • Recognize how to use interpersonal methods for sales prospecting
  • Approach prospecting with a proper mindset by knowing the facts
  • Recognize strategies for uncovering ideal prospects
  • Respond appropriately when faced with a particular prospect mindset
  • Recognize the types of statements to prepare when getting ready to convey your value proposition to a prospect

Turning Objection into Opportunity during a Sales Call

In a sales environment where customers are well informed, deeply networked, and technically savvy, sales professionals need to arrive fully prepared to deal with educated buyers and any challenges they present. To address the challenges of this new breed of customer, you need to welcome questions, objections, and resistance factors, see them for what they are – opportunities – and be prepared with the skills to capitalize on them. This course is designed to help you prepare for objections that may occur during your sales interactions and use techniques for handling questions, objections, and resistance.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize how to respond to psychological reasons behind a customer’s resistance
  • Distinguish between questions, objections, and resistance
  • Identify tips for responding to objections with empathy and understanding
  • Identify effective listening and questioning methods to manage customer objections
  • Identify strategies for handling price-based objections
  • Identify techniques for keeping the sales process moving forward despite objections

Negotiating Well and Going for the Close

Effective negotiating and closing during the sales process should result in securing agreements. With an agreement in place, followed by a smooth implementation, your customer is happier, follow-on sales are more likely, and you, your company, and your customer achieve success. In this course, you will learn the ins and outs of negotiation, including the steps in the negotiation process, the proper mindset to have, how to overcome challenges, and the right negotiation skills to use. You will also learn what it takes to bring your sale to a successful close.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize how to reframe a negative mindset towards the act of negotiation
  • Identify approaches that allow a sales professional to meet negotiation challenges
  • Match activities to the corresponding steps of the negotiation process
  • Recognize skills to apply when faced with negotiation challenges
  • Differentiate between types of negotiation styles
  • Identify skills that make closing a sale efficient and effective

The Discovery Meeting: Starting Off on the Right Foot

Discovery meetings are one of the earliest times in the sales process to build credibility, momentum, and trust. They deepen your understanding of customer challenges and opportunities. Conducted effectively, they leave your prospect intrigued to hear about your solutions. In this course you will learn how to prepare for discovery, how to secure the meeting, and how to conduct yourself once you are at face-to-face with the customer. The skills you learn will help you remain confident, avoid surprises, and get the relationship with your prospective customer off on the right foot.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify key outcomes of discovery meetings
  • Recognize guidelines for securing a discovery meeting
  • Identify the types of people who should be invited to a discovery meeting
  • Determine when to match types of questions with discovery questions
  • Recognize appropriate skills to use in discovery meetings
  • Apply tactics for dealing with surprises during a discovery meeting

The Value Proposition: Getting Your Pitch Right

The value a company offers to customers can come in many forms – product quality, financial stability, reputation, and creativity to name a few. To answer the question, What value does my company offer?, you need to know your company inside and out – its strategies, how it operates, the solutions it can offer, and the people who do the work. Combine this knowledge with your understanding of the customer, and you'll be able to offer meaningful and creative customer solutions. In this course, you will learn how to identify and articulate your company's value and how to assess whether it is a good 'fit' for your prospects. You will also learn how to increase your customers' awareness of how they perceive value and how your company can meet their needs.

Learning Objectives
  • Describe how value impacts the sales and buying process
  • Identify key components of value that make up a value proposition
  • Recognize what is valuable from a customer's perspective
  • Determine what to do based on the results of an assessment of value alignment
  • Label questions according to their value categories
  • Identify opportunities to challenge or expand customer perspective of value
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