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Key Legal and Tax Goals, Uses, and Differences - Clarified

Get a clear look at estate plannings essential building blocks: wills and trusts. Distinguish between their uses, the roles of key parties, governing laws, tax consequences, and potential planning risks. This essential estate planning guide offers a bird's eye view of the practice's main tools. Register today!

  • Get an overview of the key laws and regulations governing the creation and administration of wills and trusts.
  • Gauge the flexibility of the different tools in adapting to the clients' unique situations.
  • Learn what creditor protections are available with wills vs. various trusts.

Session Time: 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM Eastern
Presenter: Lindsey R. Buchheit

  1. Key Estate Transfer Laws
  2. What a Will Can and Cannot Do
  3. Trusts Overview: Key Parties, Terms, Concepts
  4. Tax Considerations
  5. Asset Transfers: Timing, Amounts, Choice of Assets, etc.
  6. Delegating Medical Decision-Making
  7. Choosing Financial Proxies
  8. Flexibility Issues
  9. Spendthrift Protections
  10. Planning for Expenses During Life
  11. Creditor Protections
  12. Dispute Resolution

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