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From Laws to Registration to Agreements to Infringement Disputes

Are you looking to build your understanding of patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets? In this comprehensive program, attorneys with years of experience in intellectual property law will share their insights so you can learn how to protect and enforce clients' intellectual property rights - or defend against claims. Obtain practical, real-world instruction you can put to use right away - register today!

  • Build a strong understanding of the various forms of intellectual property protection.
  • Delve into substantive case law and see intellectual property laws at play.
  • Anticipate when the copyright fair use rule is and is not applicable.
  • Pick up trademark application and enforcement best practices.
  • Protect clients' confidential information or trade secrets through solid non-disclosure agreements.
  • Gain helpful strategies for dealing with various patent issues.

  1. COPYRIGHT LAW - From Creation through Litigation
    11:00 - 12:15, Russell "Mick" Spence
    1. Basic Principles of Copyright Law - What Copyrights Protect and How
    2. Exclusive Rights Granted Under the Copyright Act
    3. The Logistics of Copyright Lifecycle
    4. Searching for and Evaluating Copyrights
    5. Registering a Copyright and Registration's Benefits
    6. Granting or Obtaining a Copyright License - The Rules
    7. Drafting Copyright-Related Agreements
    8. Copyright Issues On-Line
    9. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)
    10. Copyright Enforcement Through Litigation
    11. Fair Use Concept and its Application in Litigation
  2. TRADEMARKS: Searching, Applying, Renewing, and Enforcing
    12:30 - 1:45, Kenneth L. Kunkle
    1. Evaluating the Mark (Strength, Subject Matter, Likelihood of Confusion)
    2. Preparing a Federal Registration
    3. Trademark Office Actions
    4. Opposition and Cancellation Proceedings
    5. Maintenance: Renewing, Monitoring and Auditing Trademarks
    6. Drafting Trademark-Related Agreements
    7. Preventing and Fighting Infringement (Litigation, Customs, Retailers/Social Media)
    2:15 - 3:30, Russell "Mick" Spence
    1. Identifying Trade Secrets
    2. How Trade Secrets are Classified
    3. Establishing and Maintaining Trade Secrets
    4. Security Measures for Protecting Trade Secrets
    5. Conducting the Trade Secret Audit
    6. Drafting Trade Secret Agreements
    7. Non-Disclosure and Non-Competition Agreements
    8. Anti-Piracy/Hands-Off Agreements
    9. Criminal Considerations to Trade Secret Theft
    10. Defend Trade Secrets Act
    11. Handling Trade Secret Misappropriation Claims
  4. PATENTS: Searching, Applying and Protecting
    3:30 - 4:45, Benjamin C. Armitage
    1. Discovering Different Types of Patents
    2. Searching Patents
    3. Applying for Patents
    4. Reviewing Substantive Case Law
    5. Auditing Patents
    6. Patent Interference
    7. Patent Procurement and Protection Strategies
    8. Drafting Patent-Related Agreements
    5:00 - 6:00, Chad J. Hintz
    1. Attorney-Client Privilege
    2. Ethical Problems Involving Disclosure During Intellectual Property Cases
    3. Conflicts of Interest

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