Advanced Customization in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0



Microsoft Office E-Learning

Duration: < 4 hours

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Product Description

Describe the different ways to customize SharePoint – using web parts to change the appearance of pages, master pages, and sites, and modifying the web.config file in order to customize code access security (CAS).

  • Using Web Parts and Web Part Pages – recognize how to customize a Web Part Page.
  • Customizing Multiple Pages – identify the appropriate customizations to make to multiple pages in a given scenario.
  • Customizing with SharePoint Designer – recognize how to customize the default master page using SharePoint Designer.
  • Customizing a Master Page – modify an existing master page and apply it to the site.
  • Implementing Code Access Security – modify the web.config file.
  • Configuring Security – configure security for a web part.

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