Task-based Scheduling in Project 2013



Microsoft Office E-Learning

Duration: < 4 hours

Course ID: 243122

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Product Description

Microsoft Project 2013 allows you to create your project schedule on your terms, based on the needs of your project and preferences. This course introduces the various ways of setting up project schedule information, such as defining the project start date, entering project properties, and displaying the project summary task. It also covers creating your project task structure, including adding, modifying, and deleting tasks. This course also demonstrates how to change your task mode and create milestones. Finally, this course covers how to add task constraints, dependencies and deadlines, and how to enter duration details and display warnings and suggestions about your schedule.

  • enter basic information to a new file in Project 2013
  • add tasks to a schedule in Project 2013
  • create a task-based schedule in Project 2013
  • add duration information to a schedule in Project 2013
  • create dependencies and constraints for tasks in Project 2013
  • add scheduling information to tasks in Project 2013

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