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''''Recruit both new and experienced agents easily with our Agent Recruiting Kit. Even one additional agent in your office represents more than $45,000 worth of additional profits each year*. That means you''''re losing money every day you don''''t recruit!

But how do you find the best new agents? And how do you get both the new and experienced agents to say "YES!" to your company? These presentations help you do just that.

You receive:
  • A tried-and-true introduction letter that gets motivated new agents to call you
  • Complete PowerPoint presentations to recruit new and experienced agents that can be quickly customized to your business
  • A complete program on how to give informational sessions for new agents that automatically weed out the people who won''''t make it
With this program you will:
  • Get only motivated new agents
  • Prove your commitment to education to the agents up front
  • Speak to the special needs of new agents
  • Handle all of the major objections that experienced agents make
  • Address their emotional as well as their business needs
  • Set yourself up as the person to talk to about real estate
You could create something from scratch for yourself, but why spend the time? This package is perfect for:
  • The new broker just getting started
  • The broker who has never had a recruiting system before
Provided as downloadable files that can be accessed immediately after purchase, we''''ve done the work for you! Simply take our proven, professional systems - modify any of it to fit the needs of your business and marketplace - and put it to work for you today! We''''ve built the template, you make it yours!

*(Based on an average sale price of $300K at 2.5% on a 60/40 split with an average of 15 sales per year.)''''

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