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Organizations everywhere are facing the challenge of how to work more closely with one another. This collection of ready-to-use activities will help you better understand the concept of collaborative management—a term used to describe an ideal work environment where everyone is dedicated to achieving a common objective.

In 50 + Activities for Collaborative Management, you’ll find an array of dynamic and engaging exercises to help you explore what makes collaborative management work, its potential benefits and how to experience them in your organization.

Each exercise highlights a specific aspect of collaboration, such as:
  • Thinking collaboratively
  • Ten collaboration myths
  • Finding collaborative common ground
  • Playing collaborative roles
  • Finding collaborative opportunities
  • Talent tapping
  • Erroneous collaborative assumptions
  • Reaching collaborative consensus
With each exercise, you’ll get everything you need to bring it to life—including a purpose, description, time to allot, presentation tips and debriefing statement.

The book is ideal for trainers and managers who are looking for creative ways to:
  • Reduce the risk in decision-making
  • Bring different perspectives and expertise into the decision-making process
  • Instill ownership in decision-making
  • Eliminate finger pointing and the “blame game”
Designed as a unique way to bring people together, 50 + Activities will elicit the best from all those involved in making decisions and solving problems.

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