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Prepare to EARN while you LEARN!

The "Loan Officer Boot Camp" training program includes 8 audio mp3's, Workbook, and self-testing quizzes that are jam packed with the tools a great loan officer needs.

This training program provides training for all skill levels, and even includes sales pitches and advanced calculations!

What's Included

You get the Workbook, audio mp3s, scripts and forms, AND two tests: a 100 Question Loan Officer test, plus a 75 Question calculator test. Both tests have answer keys so you can score yourself!
  • CD #1: Calculator Training – Qualifier Plus lllx 3415

    How to properly calculate P&I, PITI, ARMs, Remaining Balance, Total Interest Paid, etc. etc. Just follow the workbook

  • CD #2: DTI Ratios

    Learning how to calculate DTI can be the difference between being just an average loan officer and a top producing professional. (If you don’t know what DTI stands for then you REALLY need this course!) Follow the Bill Collector example in the workbook and you will be a professional in no time.

  • CD #3: ARMs

    Learn how ARMs REALLY work. Index plus Margin = Fully Indexed Rate! If you don’t know HOW an ARM works, you’re dead in the water. Follow the manual!

  • CD #4: 1003, Appraisals, GFES

    Learn the five important things on each of these forms.

  • CD #5: LTV & Escrows

    Since LTV is part of EVERY loan, don’t you think you need to know how to do this calculation? If you were taught to divide the larger # into the smaller # then you could make some serious errors that can cost you thousands of dollars in lost income and lost customers.

  • CD #6: Credit Reports

    What’s a FICO? What’s a tri-merge report? What’s a trade-line? Want to talk to your customer like a true professional? Then you better understand the items that hurt as well as help your customer.

  • CD #7: Rate Sheets

    Rate sheets are the BACKBONE of pricing loans correctly. Do you know what YSP and Discount Points are? If not, close shop now cause you’ll never make a profit! Rate sheets are so important that I dedicated one entire CD to them. Sample rate sheets are in your workbook!

  • CD #8: Scripts / Forms / Tests

    Yes, there are some good scripts on this CD, but the things that will help you the most for now are probably the two multiple choice tests I’ve included. Test #1 is a 100 question mortgage test and test #2 is a 75 question calculator test. Both tests come complete with answers. Do yourself a favor and don’t look at the answers until you complete the tests.
Special Note

Please allow 5 to 10 minutes for the complete download of the zipped file after ordering. All course materials are in this download.

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