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3 Sessions - 9 Hours of Interactive Training - CD ROM

LearnKey's QuickBooks course teaches small business owners key bookkeeping skills using QuickBooks Pro.

Expert instructor Erin Olsen walks you through the interface explaining the many features and capabilities of the application. You will learn how to create a new company, work with accounts and lists, manage inventory, record sales, and process payroll. You can easily review business status by generating reports and graphs and performing period-end procedures. The skills you learn in this course will enable you to manage your finances and run your business more efficiently. DEMO IT NOW

Learning Objectives
  • Save time and have valuable information at your fingertips

  • Determine the best methods to maximize your business processes

  • Be prepared at tax time with finances organized and easy to find

Course Syllabus

Session 1

Section A: Introduction
· Versions
· Specialized Industry Versions

Section B: Accounting 101
· Chart of Accounts
· Financial Statements
· Cache vs. Accrual Method

Section C: Types of Business Entities
· Sole Proprietor
· Partnership
· Limited Liability Company
· Corporation

Section D: Interface
· Company File
· Shortcuts List
· Navigators
· QuickBooks Learning Center
· Accounts, Registers and Forms
· Invoice Forms and Calculator

Section E: Creating a New Company
· Beginning the EasyStep Interview
· Entering Company Info
· Setting Preferences
· Setting a Start Date
· Income & Expenses
· Income Details
· Opening Balances

Section F: Multiple Users/Security
· User Roles
· Setting the Administrator Password
· Adding New Users
· Logging On/Switching User Modes

Section G: Chart of Accounts
· Chart of Accounts Review
· Accessing the Chart of Accounts
· Modifying Accounts
· Creating New Accounts
· Deleting Accounts
· Making Accounts Inactive
· Numbering Accounts
· Editing Opening Balances

Section H: Lists
· List Menu
· Working with Lists
· Adding to Lists Using Forms
· Organizing and Sorting Lists
· Merging Accounts
· Customizing List Columns

Session 2

Section A: Importing Data
· Customer Data
· Vendor and Item Data
· Account Information
· Setting up Spreadsheet
· Data Mapping
· Previewing and Importing
· Modifying/Deleting Mappings
· Viewing Imported Data

Section B: Tracking Inventory
· To Track or Not to Track
· Inventory Assets
· Inventory Calculations
· Inventory Income/Expenses
· Adding Inventory Accounts
· Inventory Valuation Summary
· Inventory Valuation Detail
· Physical Inventory Worksheet

Section C: Inventory Management
· Purpose of Purchase Orders
· Creating Purchase Orders
· Receiving Ordered Items
· Stock Status by Item
· Writing Checks
· Manually Adjusting Inventory

Section D: Recording Sales
· Entering Sales Receipts
· Creating Estimates
· Creating Invoices
· Job/Estimate Preferences
· Entering Statement Charges
· Creating Statements
· Credit Memos/Refunds
· Editing/Voiding Transactions

Section E: Customizing Sales Forms
· Form Templates
· Customize Form/Template
· New Invoice
· Layout Designer
· Layout Properties/Formatting
· Inserting Data
· Customizing Existing Forms

Section F: Receivables and Payables
· Receiving Payments
· Making Deposits
· Entering/Paying Bills
· Printing Checks
· Transferring Between Accounts
· Using Acrobat Registers
· Reconciling Bank Accounts

Session 3

Section A: Payroll
· Payroll Considerations
· Employee vs. Contractors
· Payroll Preferences
· Employee Defaults
· Adding Payroll Accounts
· Adding Employees
· Creating Paychecks
· Tracking Liabilities

Section B: Time Tracking
· Enable Time Tracking
· Tracking Time
· Using Timesheets
· Billing Time
· Reports

Section C: Asset Accounts
· Creating Accounts
· Purchasing Assets
· Fixed Asset List
· Depreciating Fixed Assets

Section D: Liability and Equity Accounts
· Current vs. Long Term
· Adding Liability Accounts
· Recording Loan Proceeds
· Investments by Owners
· Repaying Liabilities
· Distribution to Owners
· Effects to Balance Sheets

Section E: Online Banking and Credit Cards
· Online Bank Accounts
· Banking Menu
· Transferring Between Account
· Creating Credit Accounts
· Entering Credit Charges

Section F: Reports and Graphs
· Account QuickBooks
· Summary/Detail Reports
· Modifying Reports
· Memorizing Reports
· E-mailing Reports
· Exporting Reports
· Viewing Memorized Reports
· Graphs

Section G: Period-End Procedures
· Sales Tax Preferences
· Sales Tax in Invoices
· Customer Tax/Liability
· Paying Sales Tax
· Closing the Books
· Year-End Guide
· Income Taxes
· Processing Payroll Forms
· Backing Up Company Files

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