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The Digital Photography course teaches the basic concepts of digital photography. It covers the principles for selecting a digital camera and how to take a good picture, as well as how to transfer the image from a digital camera to a computer. The course also covers scanners and image editing software. Organizing and archiving images and using online photo services are also topics included.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify advantages and disadvantages of digital photography.
  • Identify methods of digital photo acquisition.
  • Identify considerations for selecting a digital camera.
  • Identify guidelines for taking digital pictures.
  • Sequence the steps for downloading digital images to your computer.
  • Identify features of scanners.
  • Identify file formats that you can use to save your photos.
  • Identify features you should consider when choosing image editing software.
  • Identify types of filters and effects.
  • Identify considerations for storing digital images using photo album software.
  • Identify ways to archive digital images.
  • Identify features of online photo services.
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