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WordPerfect 11 is a general-purpose word processing program that is used to create documents of all kinds. The WordPerfect 11 course teaches the learner how to create and edit a document, focusing on how to select and move text, format and align text, and create bulleted and numbered lists. This course also teaches how to enhance documents with clipart images and how to proof and print documents.

Learning Objectives
  • Match elements of the WordPerfect interface with their functions.
  • Open a document.
  • Save a document by using the Save As command.
  • Identify methods to select text.
  • Identify methods for formatting text.
  • Match the text alignments with their page displays.
  • Move text within a document.
  • Create a bulleted and numbered list.
  • Insert Clipart in a document.
  • Identify options for using Spell Checker.
  • Match each option in the Page setup dialog box with its function.
  • Identify options in the Print dialog box.
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