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Managing upward relationships is the art of consciously improving collaboration with superiors so that subordinate managers can reap the best personal and organizational results. Managers share the responsibility for managing the relationship with the top management and Board of Directors of the company. Taking advantage of that responsibility will strengthen motivation, productivity, and overall life quality of all concerned. This course attempts to explain the dynamics of power and politics and explores the common grounds between two levels in the organizational hierarchy. Managers need to have necessary interpersonal skills required for succeeding in upward relationships. The focus is on the skills and strategies that support building positive and productive upward relationships and optimizing individuals' and organizations' performances. This course also offers the managers a common-sense perspective on how to keep their bosses happy, productive, and successful for their own success and for fostering a good work environment. This requires managers to learn how to cope with difficult bosses and how to manage their upward relationships.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize examples of effective strategies for managing upward relationships
  • Recognize how politics are used in managing an upward relationship in a given scenario
  • Recognize how to build credibility and trust with your boss
  • Identify the benefits of being able to manage your boss to build agreement
  • Recognize the benefits of empowering your boss
  • Recognize examples of your boss's needs
  • Recognize examples of what your boss can realistically expect from you
  • Recognize examples of what you can realistically expect from your boss
  • Recognize the benefits of being able to manage a difficult boss
  • Recognize how to deliver positive criticism in a given scenario
  • Recognize how to accept criticism positively in a given scenario
  • Resolve conflict with your boss in a given scenario
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