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The Security+ Live Lab will provide you with the necessary platform to gain hands on skills about security. By completing the lab tasks you will improve your practical skills in network infrastructure, system security, organizational security and access control. These same tasks will help you understand the objectives and competencies required by the CompTIA Security+ certification exam. Practice anywhere, any-time - 24/7 online access with no client software. Easy to follow step-by-step instructions guide you through your practice exercises. Experiment and practice concepts with zero hassle and zero risk with no boundaries. Access to REAL equipment with no restrictions and full administrator privileges, live in real time. Exercises are designed to address the questions you'll face on your certification exam. The most authentic experience possible in a lab environment with real-world scenarios and exercises. Retain your knowledge and feel confident in your new skills by practicing as you learn. Communicate and share ideas with other students as you go through the exercises. Pro-active and comprehensive support services will assist you in resolving any technical issues you encounter connecting to your Real LIVE Practice-Labs. We'll send you a certificate to display your total hours of hands-on practical experience with Real LIVE Practice-Labs to employers.

Lab Objectives

  • Trojans and Malware Protection
  • Network Vulnerabilities
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Routing Protocols
  • Firewall and Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Attacks against DHCP and DNS
  • Steganography
  • Configuring Certificate Services
  • HTTP and HTTPS
  • Web Application Vulnerabilities
  • Telnet and FTP and SSH
  • Password Sniffing
  • Baseline Security Analyzer
  • Common Trunk Link Problems
  • Network Access Protection
  • VPNs
  • Data Leakage Prevention
  • Computer Forensic Tools
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