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Whatever their format, efficient meetings are those that not only accomplish tasks but progress in a way that makes the best use of participants' time. Because meetings are one of the most expensive modes of communication in today's organizations, it's critical that you optimize the time you spend in them. Running an effective meeting starts with careful planning. This course will show you how to clarify a meeting's purpose and objectives, and how to determine whether a given meeting is truly necessary or whether a similar result could be achieved through a different type of communication. It will also equip you with the skills to choose the best participants, and create an agenda that will guide the group to achieve meeting goals as efficiently and productively as possible. Finally, it will describe how to prepare yourself, your venue, and your participants to ensure a successful meeting free of unnecessary distractions.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the value of planning meetings
  • Determine whether or not a meeting is necessary in a given scenario
  • Recognize who should participate in a meeting
  • Recognize how to use a process for creating an effective agenda
  • Recognize how to prepare yourself and others for a meeting
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