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Dismissing an employee is never an easy task because it can be emotionally difficult. Also, dismissals can impact other employees and the company. If it's the right thing to do and you're well prepared, the dismissal can provide an opportunity for you to educate other employees, and improve employee morale and productivity. Being well prepared for dismissing an employee allows you to handle the dismissal with integrity and fairness. This course covers the benefits of being properly prepared when dealing with employee dismissals. It also provides the steps to help you dismiss an employee properly. The steps include providing clear expectations, giving warnings, making the final decision, and preparing a termination letter.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the benefits of being able to prepare for the dismissal of an employee properly
  • Identify actions to take to make sure the employee knows what is expected in a given scenario
  • Match examples of situations requiring discipline with the appropriate disciplinary action to be taken
  • Determine whether an employee should be dismissed in a given scenario
  • Recognize the requirements of a dismissal letter that have been met in a given scenario
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