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It's a paradox that managers sometimes face – their top performers need coaching. One of a manager's biggest challenges is how to keep top performers motivated and encouraged to continue the good work, while addressing the employee's sometimes difficult behavior. Top performers who are driven to succeed often don't handle criticism well. They also may be blunt, impatient, or even domineering in a team setting. However, for the sake of your team and the top performers themselves, you must address problem behavior. In this course, you will learn about how to help your top performers overcome difficult behavior using a proven coaching process. This enables you to pinpoint key weaknesses in an objective way and involve your top performer in developing an effective action plan for addressing those weaknesses. This course provides you with a four-step process that will enable you to assist the top performer in completing a DISC core behavior style assessment. With this process, you can help your top performers to improve their interpersonal skills, such as listening, showing respect, compromising, and discussing ideas with tact and diplomacy.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize top performers who require coaching
  • Identify the behavioral styles represented by the acronym DISC
  • Determine a top performer's core style using a completed DISC behavior style questionnaire
  • Give feedback to a top performer during a coaching session
  • Recognize the process for discussing the results of a behavior style assessment with a top performer
  • Develop an action plan during a coaching session with a top performer
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