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You Will Learn How To:

  • Define the Project Manager’s role in communication
  • Effectively communicate to achieve results
  • Communicate effectively with Stakeholders
  • Apply communication theory and the levels of power

Workshop Activities Include:

  • Assessing your communication style
  • Determining the best communication model
  • Honing your communication style
  • Participating in activities to apply and practice

About This Course:

Project managers spend most of their time communicating with stakeholders. In this course, attendees learn how to identify and classify project stakeholders, plan and manage communication, and plan, manage and control stakeholder engagements.

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Virtual Live6/25/2018 9:00:00 AM<span class="course-type type-v" style="cursor:default;word-wrap:normal;display:inline-block;" onmouseover="showHoverInfo(this, 'ProductTypeDescription' ,'VILT')" onmouseout="clearHoverInfo()">V</span>1 day690.002832682
NY New York6/25/2018 9:00:00 AM<span class="course-type type-cv" style="cursor:default;word-wrap:normal;display:inline-block;" onmouseover="showHoverInfo(this, 'ProductTypeDescription' ,'HVILT')" onmouseout="clearHoverInfo()">Cv</span>1 day690.002860659
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