Administering Team Foundation Server 2010 Training Course

Microsoft Official Curriculum Course Number: 50430
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This course provides students with the knowledge to manage Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010. It also focuses on the technologies used in Team Foundation Server 2010 and the techniques used to deploy, manage and support Team Foundation Server 2010.

Who Should Attend:
This course is intended for novice experienced administrators with either a background in software development or a background in system administration. This course is intended to provide administrators with knowledge to effectively manage and administer TFS 2010. This course is not intended to provide developers with comprehensive knowledge covering how to use Team Foundation Server to support development, but instead provides administrators with the requisite knowledge to manage Team Foundation Server in a development environment.

At Course Completion:
After completing this course, students will be able to: 
- Plan for and deploy Team Foundation Server. 
- Manage Tam Foundation Server security and permissions. 
- Configure and manage Team Foundation Server Build. 
- Perform basic customization of Process Templates, work items and workflow. 
- Support developers that use workspaces and shelvesets. 
- Deploy Team Server Proxy. 
- Backup, restore and monitor Team Foundation.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Team Foundation Server Administration
What is Application Lifecycle Management? 
Visual Studio and Application Lifecycle Management 
What is Team Foundation Server? 
Overview of the Development Process 
TFS Components and Terms 
Role of the Administrator in the Development Process 
TFS Administration Overview 
Lab : Becoming Familiar with Hyper-V
Lesson 2: Planning and Deploying TFS 2010
TFS Topologies 
Architectural requirements, Hardware considerations and Software considerations 
Networking requirements including firewall and ports 
Domain, Workgroup and Service accounts 
SQL Server and SharePoint requirements 
Topology considerations for small teams, single server, existing infrastructure or more than 1 server, and server farms 
Planning for Version Control Proxy 
Lab : Installing TFS
Lesson 3: Configuration and Operations of TFS 2010
Default TFS Security groups and configuring permissions 
Managing team project collections and team projects 
Managing the TFS build System 
Configuring Reporting and Analysis Services 
Lab : Working with Team Project Collections and Team Projects 
Lab : Configuring Security and Permissions 
Lab : Reconfiguring Reporting and Analysis Services
Lesson 4: Client Connectivity
Client Connectivity License Requirements 
IDE Configuration for TFS Integration 
Team Explorer 2010 
Microsoft Office Connectivity 
Team Web Access 
Configuring Visual Studio and Team Explorer for Proxy Server 
Resolving TFS connectivity issues 
Lab : Add Work Items Using Excel 
Lab : Use Team Web Access to connect to TFS
Lesson 5: Customization of Team Projects
Managing Work item Queries 
Customizing Work items and Workflow 
TFS Power tools 
Lab : Working with Queries 
Lab : Administering Work Items 
Lab : Setting up Alerts
Lesson 6: Administering Version Control
Managing Workspaces 
Administering Branching and Merging 
Managing Shelvesets 
Lab : Administering Version Control
Lesson 7: Upgrading, Migrating, and Integration
Upgrading to TFS 2010 
Migrating to TFS 2010 
Visual Source Safe Migrations 
Integration with TFS
Lesson 8: Advanced Administration
Validating an installation 
Manual configuration of SharePoint and reporting services post-installation 
Advanced management of TFS Application and Data Tiers 
Rebuilding the Warehouse 
Service Account management 
Version Control Proxy Deployment 
Fault Tolerant Solutions 
Lab : Configuring Email Alerts 
Lab : Deploy and Configure a Version Control Proxy 
Lab : Deploy a new Build Controller 
Lab : Deploy a new Application Tier
Lesson 9: Backup, Restore and Monitoring TFS 2010
Backing Up TFS 2010 
Restoring TFS 2010 
Monitoring TFS 2010 
Lab : Monitoring TFS 2010


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