Training Management System

Increase Overall Business Performance & Profitability with our Business Training Software

Training providers tend to be 11% less profitable than other business sectors. While many are investing in more and more sophisticated Learning Management System (LMS), instructor-led training still accounts for 70% of training dollars. 

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Most training operations remain managed in Excel spreadsheets, resulting in substantial loss of resources and efficiency. Time is wasted on administrative tasks, information is not readily accessible to make sound business decisions and increase profitability. See how our Business Training Software can improve your training sales cycle and profitability: Learn More.

Benefit From the Industry Best Practices

Training Orchestra is the result of close collaborative work with many of the best training providers who were seeking a solution optimized for their training business. This success has grown Training Orchestra’s client base to over 500 worldwide.

Featuring advanced graphical scheduling, automated administrative tasks and real-time financial analysis, our Software for Training Company provides a full end to end solution to streamline sales cycle, optimize scheduling, improve productivity and enhance customer loyalty. Discover other logistical features of our Business Training Software. 

Our CRM for Training Provider functionality ensures that the whole sales process is monitored, and also that commercial offers and contracts are maintained. This capability allows the invoicing module to correctly track and match specific offers and discounts. Combined with a yield management engine, these features lead directly to maximizing profits. Learn More.

Training Orchestra can also be a perfect complement to your e-learning platform as a LMS back-office. Understanding the difference between a LMS and a Business Training Software is essential for you to understand how you can buy time and save money with our solution. Read our article on the subject. 

Increase the Performance of Your Training Company with our Business Training Software

A leader in course management system, Training Orchestra provides the most comprehensive Software for Training Company available in the cloud or on premises. With a back-end system covering the entire training process including CRM for training provider, sales, logistics, administrative, and finance, Training Orchestra helps the best training providers increase their profitability and thus train more with less.

Seamless interface with your existing CRM, LMS or Web Site

Training Orchestra allows you to interface your existing LMS or commercial website using our dedicated Software for Training Companies and configuring the software to match your processes and organization. Whether closely integrated with your existing systems or stand-alone, our dedicated ERP for training companies enables the dynamic and comprehensive management of all your activities in an end to end solution. 

Features & Benefits of our Business Training Software

  • Logistics, Scheduling, Yield management
  • Administrative processes
  • Cost tracking, Financials, Profitability
  • Sales cycle from order to invoice
  • Recertification Management
  • Customer loyalty
  • Business intelligence / advanced reporting
  • Providing pertinent KPI’s and dashboards

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