Manage your entire sales cycle from order to invoice – Sales Management for Training Providers

Manage your end to end sales cycle with our Training Software for Commercial Training Company:

  • Manage your entire sales cycle from order to invoice
  • Provide quotes and take orders 
  • Manage your database of current and prospective customers
  • Track sales team activity 
  • Receive reminders for follow-up actions
  • Manage the complete certification/recertification process
  • Follow the performance of your sales teams.
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Increase the Performance of Your Training Company

As a leader, Training Orchestra provides the most comprehensive Software for Commercial Training Company available in the cloud or on premises. With a back-end system covering the entire training process including sales, logistics, administrative, and finance, Training Orchestra helps the best training companies increase their profitability and train more with less.

Main Benefits of Our “Sales Management” Module

Our “Sales Management” module is fully integrated with our dedicated Software for Training Company and offers following benefits:

  • Unified sales process from order to invoice
  • Shared information between all stakeholders
  • Live indicators for pending requests and offers

Features & Benefits

  • Sales cycle from order to invoice
  • Orders, seamless invoicing, payments
  • Recertification management
  • Customer retention
  • Unified databases
  • Pricing terms & conditions by client
  • Multiple currencies
  • Cost tracking, Financials, Profitability
  • Graphical views
  • Sales performance monitoring
  • Business intelligence