ASTD is now ATD

ASTD embraces change and is now ATD The American Society of Training and Development president and CEO Tony Bingham made a major announcement at the 2014 ASTD International Conference. ASTD changed its name and is now ATD which stands for Association for Talent Development.

Here’s the new logo and color scheme which didn’t go unnoticed at the conference where was exhibiting because ATD changed most of the banners and signs at the Washington Convention Center overnight. New ASTD Logo

ATD says we can expect the change to take at least a year to really sync in. They will start by updating their website then communities of practice, newsletters, magazines and social media starting in June.

So what’s the impact on member and customers? ATD ‘s official word is “We are working to make this a seamless transition for you. Your membership benefits will not change. Our education courses remain focused on your professional development. The CPLP credential continues to be the premier credential for the profession.” ATD is basically saying things are business as usual.
So why change from ASTD?

ASTD Changes name to ATD

ASTD was first known as the American Society of Training Directors. ASTD’s founders had a vision to raise the standard and prestige of the training profession and to promote the growth of those responsible for training others. ASTD has been very successful over the last 70 years however the scope of the learning field has grown beyond the original vision and this change has actually been quite overdue. I fully expect ATD to remain the leader in its space as well as bring new innovation, development opportunities, communities of practice and vital statistics to all those involved in learning and talent development.

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