Business Continuity Events that disrupt the typical flow of the workplace are not uncommon. When business is impacted on a global simultaneously, we begin to see trends and observe how companies are dealing with difficult situations to maintain essential functions during and after a disaster has occurred.

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An organization’s confidence in its crisis management capabilities is not indicative of its actual level of preparedness. Organizational leaders need to develop their knowledge of crisis management

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Mitigating Threats
FMEA Threat Assessment Assigning Rankings
Contingency Response Strategies
FMEA Threat Assessment RPN and Risk Prioritization
Crisis Management Principles
Business Continuity Programs
An Overview of Infectious Diseases
Prudent Risk Taking
Leaders Drive Change
Risk Taking Is Disruptive
Healthy Risk-Taking
Reframing Risk
Effective Risk Management
Resources Versus Success
Create Value Before You Create Risk

Mitigating Threats

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From an acclaimed founder of the profession with 30 years’ experience in 60 countries, Andrew Hiles’ masterwork is the closest you can get to a “Body of Knowledge” for Business Continuity, discussing what works and why. This new edition includes supply chain risk with contract advice, impact of new technologies, and how to choose/apply a wide range of global/national standards.

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