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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does elearning cost?

elearning courses vary in cost, depending on the subject you seek to learn. However, typically elearning is a good solution for those on a budget. elearning is usually less expensive than other, more traditional, learning methods, and can be scaleable from the individual level, all the way to the corporate enterprise learning level. If you are interested in elearning,TrainUp.com's training provider network gives you access to courses from the best online training providers. Browse our eLearning course topics among HR, IT, business skills, MS Office, finance & more!

What are the benefits of elearning?

elearning has many benefits, as it is a scaleable, and convenient learning resource for individuals and companies alike. While corporations will benefit from the consistency of enterprise elearning for employees, individuals will enjoy the conveneince of on-demand elearning. elearning allows you to pause, restart, and replay sections of lecture, and allows you to test your knowledge between learning modules with quiz Questions. elearning also has the benefit of being accessed right from your livingroom or home office, so that you are spared form paying travel expenditure to attend an in-person class.

Is elearning better than learning in person?

There are pros and cons to elearning versus traditional in-person classes. First of all, elearning provides more flexibility and convenience with on-demand learning access. It also negates the need for travel to a traditional classroom. However, many learners still prefer traditional classroom interaction with a face-to-face lecturer. Some argue that elearning lacks the valuable input provided by a live trainer, while others place higher value on the fact that elearning fits around their busy schedule and therefore is the better fit for them. Ultimately, the style of learning that is best suited to your lifestyle and learning style is always the best choice.

What is elearning?

elearning is online instruction that enables people to learn anywhere at anytime. Because of this, elearning is also referred to as on-demand training. This style of class can be purchased and taken by individuals, as well as corporations who are looking to provide training for their entire staff at a reasonable cost. With elearning, pre-recorded lectures are delivered over the internet, and in a manner that allows you to pause, restart, and replay sections. elearning is both a scaleable, and convenient learning resource.

Do you need to install software for elearning?

You are not required to install software onto your computer in order to take an elearning class. The benefit of elearning is that the entire class experience is delivered to you online, through a training portal. The environment in which you are practicing and learning is part of your elearning course and requires only that you have access to the internet. Throughout the duration of the course, you may be tested with quiz Questions. Your progress and quiz scores will be tracked online and available to you wile you are logged onto your elearing course.

Is elearning for individuals or for groups?

Elearning is a winning solution for both individuals and corporations. Some of the most attractive aspects of elearning is that it is a scaleable, and convenient learning resource for individuals and companies alike. While corporations will benefit from the consistency of enterprise elearning for employees, individuals will enjoy the conveneince of on-demand elearning that fits around their own schedule. Another key reason why this training works well for anyone, is that it does not require a mininum number of enrolled participants for a class to exist, as in the case of some in-person style seminars.

What does elearning mean?

Elearning, E-learning, eLearning, it's all the same and it's your best friend. E-learning is just a short way of saying, electronic learning, internet learning, or electronic media in general. Learning electronically has a world of options and TrainUp.com features them all! TrainUp has online training courses that are taught by a live instructor, virtual instructor, or even self-paced, depending on your style of learning, we have e-learning options. If stadium classrooms and on-campus parking is not your thing, try our e-learning courses. TrainUp features electronic technologies that offer you several modalities for learning outside of a traditional classroom. We just put your top training options in one place, TrainUp.com.

What is the importance of elearning?

Elearning has a very important factor, LEARNING. E-learning is one of the fastest growing educational tools individuals, students, employers, and organizations are using today. As one of the most accessible and convenient ways to learn, e-learning also delivers as a cost-effective solution to learning. TrainUp features some of the most important courses, seminars, and training solutions through our eLearning portal. The convenience of searching for the e-learning courses you need gives you direct access to tons of training options outside of the traditional classroom. Plus, we've sped up your internet search and put them all in one place at TrainUp.com.

Is e-learning effective?

E-learning is one of the most accessible, convenient, and effective learning tools in today's fast-paced workforce. Many of the e-learning courses deliver cost-effective solutions to learning at your desk, on-the-job, or while you are on your lunch break. TrainUp.com features the most prominent e-learning training courses through our eLearning portal. We conveniently give you training options all in one place, enabling you to access the best learning solution that you're your schedule. Our high-quality e-learning courses will give you in-depth soft skills, management skills, IT skills, HR skills, healthcare skills, and a multitude of other course options featured on TrainUp's eLearning Library.

Is e-learning expensive?

E-learning is one of the most cost-effective solutions to electronic learning. You can conveniently learn on-the-job, depending on the type of eLearning you need to complete. TrainUp.com features the most cost-effective e-learning training courses featured on our eLearning Library. We offer the best learning and e-learning solutions, giving your access to select the best course for your budget. Our high-quality e-learning courses will give you in-depth knowledge in a wide range of subjects from HR, compliance, and legal eLearning courses to leadership, customer service, and sales elearning courses. TrainUp's eLearning Library has a course for every individual budget, even a corporate budget!

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