Working Remotely Whether you are new to working remotely due to COVID-19 or are perhaps managing a virtual team, workers of all types are suddenly faced with adapting to changes in their new work environments, staying connected to colleagues, staying focused, and navigating new technology.

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Consider This:  

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Pre COVID-19 26 million Americans about 16% of the total workforce worked remotely at least part of the time (3 hrs avg). My how times have changed…

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Managing Virtual Teams
Overcoming Virtual Team Conflict
Choosing Your Communication Tools
Supporting Remote Team Members
Setting Communication Standards
Dealing with Communication Challenges
Great Collaboration
Understanding the Basics of Remote Management
Navigating Different Work Styles of Collaborators
The Need to Identify Team Assets
Scratchy Relationships Improve Collaboration
Barriers to Collaboration
Remote Teams
Shifting to a Collaborative Mindset
Three Requirements for Collaboration
Incentivize Collaboration
The Need for Collaboration
Use Collaboration to Motivate Teams
Virtual Meetings That Work
Managing a Virtual or Matrix Team
Great Collaboration
Collaboration: Me to We
How to Increase Productivity in Virtual Teams
Face-to-Face Versus Virtual Management
Using Improv to Improve Collaboration
Making Collaboration Work
Sharing Ideas
Transparency and Openness Foster Collaboration
Humility Is Key to Collaboration
Three Surprising Skills of Collaboration
Leading Effectively in a Virtual Environment
Managing Conflict in High Performance Teams
The Cohort Effect
Tips on Team Collaboration
The Habit of Cooperation
Managing Virtual Teams
Leading a Virtual Collaborative Team
Establishing Personal Connections Remotely
Engaging Virtual Employees
Collaborative Leadership
Results Through Collaboration
Habit 6: Synergize
“Yes, and...” Versus “Yes, but...”
Leading More Effectively Remotely
Dealstorming: Solving Problems Through Collaboration
Decision Making As a Skillful Collaboration
Working In Virtual Teams
Get Out of Organizational Gridlock by Building Trust

Managing Virtual Teams

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Virtual Leadership explores the challenges associated with working remotely, and guides you on how to lead virtual teams. In this Summary, we discuss the salient points of the book based on our interpretation of its contents.

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Since COVID-19 and working from home do you find yourself working less hours, the same amount of hours or more hours?

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How has working remotely negatively or positively impacted your team rapport & collaboration?

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