Train More with Less – Increase Overall Business Performance

Employees are the most valuable asset of a business and investing in those employees to enhance their skills is money well spent. However, training is often a budget that gets squeezed.  

While many are heavily investing in more and more sophisticated LMS, instructor led training still accounts for 70% of training dollars. Often this training is managed in Excel spreadsheets therefore resources are not optimized, time is wasted on administrative tasks, and information is not readily accessible to make sound decisions. 

Just follow the links, to download client’ business cases on how Training Orchestra’ Training Management Software helps major Training Organizations increasing their performances. 

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Managing the Entire Training Process for Employee Training

By leveraging industry best practices and resource optimization capabilities in the Training Orchestra Training Administration System, you will be able to train more with less and have real-time visibility and control over your training budget.  

As described in our brochures, taking advantage of Training Orchestra’s broad range of features, you can:

Manage instructor-led training while optimizing resource utilization and scheduling

  • Increase daily productivity with streamlined processes allowing you and your team to focus on higher value activities
  • Optimize financial management so you can train more while spending less
  • Provide real-time interaction with all parties involved in the training ecosystem resulting in a fast and efficient training operation
  • Coordinate training activities whether centrally located or distributed internationally

A genuine training capital management solution, Training Orchestra offers a comprehensive range of features accessible by all parties involved in your training process, including the chief learning officer as well as training department or corporate university teams.

Main benefits of our Training Administration Software

Our Training Administration Software dedicated to Training Organizations offers following benefits:

  • Unified process
  • Shared information between all stakeholders
  • Automatization of administrative process
  • Optimization of resource use

Features & Benefits

  • Training Plan
  • Budget consolidation and tracking
  • Logistics, Scheduling & Yield management
  • Administrative processes
  • Cost tracking, Financials
  • Recertification Management
  • Business intelligence / advanced reporting
  • Providing pertinent KPI’s and dashboards

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