DMi Team Learning Assessment

Dechant, Marsick Instrument (DMi) Team Learning Assessment

Organizations are searching for ways to enhance the effectiveness of teams. Although the use of team building models and activities has been used to create and promote healthy group dynamics, this does not guarantee collective learning. Without learning, a team cannot achieve quality results. Effective teamwork through effective team learning processes is an innovative and proven way for achieving the desirable outcomes for the leader, team and the organization.The objective of the DECHANTMARSICK instrument is to identify, assess and address those factors that facilitate or potentially get in the way of team performance.

The DECHANTMARSICK instrument provides feedback on both the team level and the organizational level. There are a total of 60 questions for the Team and Organizational Level Assessment version. If the focus is for the team only, a Team Level Assessment version with 40 questions is available and measures the first three variables of team conditions, team processes and team outcomes.

Download the DMi Assessment Fact Sheet

The survey was designed to measure five key variables, which include:

  • Team Conditions
  • Team Processes
  • Team Outcomes
  • Organizational Conditions
  • Organizational Outcomes