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1 Session – 1-2 Hours of Interactive Training (CD-ROM)

Are you tired of setting goals and then never quite achieving them? Would you like to rocket out of your current routine and become more productive? Are you eager to break through the barriers that hold you back? You can do it! This invaluable training course for professionals will not only help you determine your goals, but will also give you strategic tools you can apply right away to motivate yourself toward making your goals realities.

  • Use proven goal-setting techniques that have been used successfully by thousands of professionals.
  • Put these concepts for self-motivation to work for you — and prepare for life-changing results!
  • Gain confidence by using techniques and strategies that you can apply now!
Session 1
Section A: Goal Setting
· Creating Your Identity
· Values
· Your Mission Statement
· Goal Setting
· Action Plan

Section B: Motivation
· Motivation
· Fear of Failure
· Performance Secrets
· Self-Discipline
· Change

Section C: Motivating Others
· Introduction
· Your Needs
· Praise
· Employee Examples
· Praise (cont.)
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