Lean Fundamentals

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Lean is a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating the eight wastes-considered non-value-adding activities-through continuous improvement by flowing the product completely at the pull of the customer. The eight wastes are: waiting, defects, extra processing, inventory, excessive motion, transportation, over production, and underutilized employees. Certification: Upon completion of this four-day program, attendees can submit a project for a Lean Agent certification.

1. Introduction

  • Course Overview

  • Introduction to Lean

  • Linkage to Six Sigma

2. Lean Mentality: Muda (Waste) Elimination

  • The Hidden Office/Factory

  • Seven Types of Waste

  • Eliminating Waste

3. Mapping the Value Stream

  • Value Stream Mapping

  • Different Types of Maps

  • Foundation for Lean Eents

4. Lean Events

  • Kaizen

  • Running a Typical Five Day (or Shorter) Event

5. Constraints

  • Finding the "Bottlenecksin a Process Flow

6. Flow and TAKT Time

  • Movement Through the Value Stream

  • Rate or Rhythm of Flow Through each Process

7. Pull Systems and Kanban

  • All Activity is "Pulledby Customer Demand

  • Simple Visual Signals

8. 5S Implementation

  • A Systematic Approach to Organizing the Work Space

  • NOT Just Housekeeping!

9. Poka Yoke (Mistake Proofing)

  • Reducing the Opportunity for Human Errors to Affect the Process

10. Lean Management Principles

  • How to Make it Happen and Make it Last in an Organization

11. Job Instruction Training

  • Transferring Knowledge in a Quality Process

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