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Managing Projects with Microsoft Office Project 2007 Training Course

Course ID: 189392
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In this hands-on course with intensive skills training, you will learn the key techniques to effectively manage projects using Microsoft Project 2007. Learn to create project calendars and resources; appropriately identify, enter, organize, and relate project tasks; assign resources and costs; baseline your project; use different views within the software to understand budget, status, and allocations; and run standard and customized reports. This course incorporates material from the Official Microsoft Learning Product 5927: Microsoft Office Project 2007, Managing Projects.

1. Getting Started with Microsoft Office Project 2007

  • Understanding the Nature of Projects

  • Discovering Project 2007

  • Understanding Project 2007 File Types

  • Navigating the Project 2007 Interface

  • Getting Help and Guidance

  • Configuring Options

2. Creating and Defining Projects

  • Creating and Saving Projects

  • Defining Properties and Options

  • Creating and Organizing the Task List

  • Importing Data

  • Modifying and Applying Calendars

  • Setting Scheduling Options

3. Working with Estimates and Dependencies

  • Entering Task Estimates

  • Using a PERT Analysis to Estimate Task Duration

  • Linking and Unlinking Tasks by Using the Gantt Chart View

  • Linking and Unlinking Tasks by Using the Network Diagram View

  • Adding Lag or Lead Time to a Linked Task

4. Working with Deadlines, Constraints, and Task Calendars

  • Introducing Deadlines, Constraints, and Task Calendars

  • Creating and Modifying Deadlines

  • Creating and Modifying Constraints

  • Creating and Modifying Task Calendars

  • Identifying Critical Tasks

  • Working with Task Driver

5. Working With Resources

  • Resources, Assignments, and Budgeting

  • Adding Resources to the Resource Sheet

  • Creating and Modifying Resource Assignments

  • Entering Project Budgets

6. Predicting Behavior by Using Task Types and the Scheduling Formula

  • Using Task Types and the Scheduling Formula

  • Changing Variables and Predicting Behavior

  • Applying Task Types to Produce Predictable Behavior

  • Special Situations with Effort-Driven Scheduling

7. Customizing and Formatting

  • Formatting Screen Elements

  • Creating and Modifying Templates

  • Creating and Modifying Fields, Tables, and Formulas

  • Creating and Modifying Filters and Groups

  • Creating and Modifying Custom Views

8. Analyzing Resource Utilization

  • Resource Utilization Concepts

  • Viewing Resource Assignments, Allocation, and Utilization

  • Managing Resource Availability

  • Optimizing and Leveling Resource Assignments

9. Tracking Progress

  • Working With Baselines

  • Entering Duration Updates

  • Entering Work Updates

  • Entering Cost Updates

  • Discovering Variances

  • Troubleshooting and Getting Back on Track

10. Creating Reports

  • Selecting, Editing, and Creating Basic Reports

  • Configuring Print and Page Setup Options

  • Setting Options to Correct Printing Issues

  • Exporting Reporting Data

  • Creating and Modifying Visual Reports

11. Managing Multiple Projects

  • Introducing Management of Multiple Projects

  • Creating Master Projects

  • Creating Links Between Projects

  • Calculating Single or Multiple Critical Paths

  • Saving and Opening Multiple Projects

  • Sharing Resources and Analyzing Resource Utilization Across Multiple

  • Experience using Microsoft Office Project to create project schedules
  • Fundamental knowledge of project management
  • Experience with the Windows Vista or Microsoft Windows XP operating system
  • Experience with Microsoft Office Excel 2003

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