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The purpose of this seminar is to teach building and facility maintenance personnel not only to service their boilers, but also to do it safely. If you would like to reduce your reliance on outside service contractors while increasing your confidence in operating and maintaining your own boiler, this seminar is for you! The real world, practical knowledge presented in this course is immediately applied by our attendees in their workplaces. Now, that's "Real World" Training!
*Boiler operating license requirements vary by state and locality. While this boiler training course is not intended to counter or replace these various requirements, it can help students prepare for licensing exams, meet continuing education requirements, or provide increased maintenance and safety knowledge for already licensed or approved individuals. Please check with your local licensing authorities to understand licensing laws that may affect you.

Who should take this course?
By understanding the fundamental operation of boilers, you can improve efficiencies and safety at your industrial plant or large building facility. If this is your goal or if you are involved with residential hot water systems, you will find this course extremely valuable. Our Boiler Operation, Maintenance, and Safety courses are filled with people from many different industries, skill levels, company sizes, and job titles. You only need to have an interest in boilers to benefit from this course! Our past attendees for this course include maintenance personnel in…
• Manufacturing Plants
• Commercial Buildings
• Hospitals
• Waste Water Facilities
• Schools
• Government Buildings
• Research Facilities
• Shopping Centers
• Apartment Buildings
• All Building Maintenance Personnel
• All Plant & Facility Maintenance Technicians
• Building Engineers
• Building Managers & Superintendents
• Plant & Facility Managers
• Environmental Health & Safety Personnel
• Apprentice and Experienced Boiler Technicians
• Stationary Engineers
• Energy Management Personnel
• Multi-craft & Cross Training Personnel
• Mechanical Engineers
• Any person needing a basic course in boiler systems!

What will you learn?
Attendees will learn:
1. How/When to schedule preventive maintenance procedures
2. Differences between high pressure and low pressure boilers
3. Differences between firetube and watertube boilers
4. Primary boiler components
5. Operating pressures and temperatures of cast iron boilers
6. Differences between steam boilers and hot water boilers
7. Applications for electric boilers
8. Four major perils associated with boilers
9. Common boiler accidents to avoid
10. All about furnace explosions
11. Dangers of low water conditions
12. How to inspect your boiler
13. Conducting efficiency tests
14. Maintenance troubleshooting tips
15. Waterside and fireside maintenance
16. Boiler design and construction codes and standards
17. How to safely and efficiently operate your boiler
18. Burner operations and combustion control systems

Training Outcomes
After completing the course, attendees will be presented with a training certificate that shows 0.8 continuing education units for each day attended (1.6 credits for 2 days), indicating that the student has learned to:

(after Day 1)
1. Understand the fundamentals of boiler operations
2. Identify boiler components and know what they do
3. Properly startup and shutdown boilers
4. Operate boilers normally at safe and proper pressures & temperatures
5. Understand the major perils associated with boilers and how to avoid boiler accident and explosions

(after Day 2)
1. Understand the importance of Codes and Standards
2. Conduct inspections and efficiency tests
3. Properly implement preventive maintenance practices
4. Give your boiler a tune up
5. Troubleshoot boiler problems

What You Will Take Home
• American Trainco Seminar Manual - detailing all Boiler Operation, Maintenance & Safety presentation material covered in the class.
• Personalized Boiler Operation, Maintenance & Safety Certificate with 0.8 American Trainco Continuing Education Units for each day attended (1.6 for both days), approved by the MTAA.
• All the information you need from asking our instructors specific questions about your own boiler equipment and system needs.

Optional ATMT Certification® Testing
An optional ATMT® Certification exam is available for this training topic. It may be taken online or as a written test any time after the class is over.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
All students attending our seminars receive a personalized Certificate of Completion and 0.8 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) per day of training. Over 40,000 employers and government agencies who have sent their employees to our classes accept American Trainco CEUs for continuing education requirements. We are able to provide transcripts of all classes attended and tests taken by individual students. Please contact us if our CEUs are not yet accepted by your authority. We will initiate an application to get the approval process started.

No Risk Registration & Money-Back Guarantee
U.S. and Canada
If you're not yet sure you'll be able to attend a seminar, you can still make a reservation to hold your space in class. While payment is due prior to the start of the seminar, you may choose a full refund or credit for cancellations made at least 24 hours in advance. Student substitutions can also be freely made at any time prior to the start of the seminar. Refunds will not be issued for registered attendees who fail to show up and have not given a notice of cancellation.
In the rare event that should you not receive the expected value after attending our seminar, simply notify us in writing of your reasons and your money will be promptly refunded.
International and Overseas
If you're not yet sure you'll be able to attend a seminar, you can still make a reservation to hold your space in class. However, payment for international and overseas students must be made prior to the start of the seminar (in Dollars U.S.), and all seminar fees are non-refundable. Student substitutions can be freely made at any time prior to the start of the seminar. American Trainco’s Money-Back Guarantee does not apply for international and overseas registrations.

Day 1 of this seminar has been designed to give the student a broad introduction to boilers, including every-day operation & important safety practices. This course is a great overview for apprentice technicians, multi-craft trades people, building managers, or anyone who wants to work safely with boiler systems. This seminar will also serve as a valuable safety refresher course for the more experienced technician. Understanding basic boiler operation & safety is the goal of Day 1! In addition, students will learn about combustion and heat transfer fundamentals, the different types of boilers, and basic burner control. An overview of operator licensing and certification will also be discussed.

• Firetube Boilers
• Watertube Boilers
• Cast Iron Boilers
• High Pressure Boilers
• Low Pressure Boilers
• Steam Boilers
• Hydronic Boilers
• Theory of Combustion
• Thermodynamics
• Steam Tables
• Gas Train
• Oil Train
• Standard Burner
• High Turndown Burner
• Burner Controls
• Operator Licensing and Certification
• Start-Up and Shut-Down
• Normal Operation
• Valve Types
• Safety Valves
• Low Water Cutoff Controls
• Boiler Accidents
• Cause and Effect
• Safety Valves
• Confined Spaces
• Lockout/Tagout

Day 2 is designed for people who are scheduled to attend day 1, or already have a good foundation in boiler operation and safety. In this second day, students will learn about important inspection, maintenance and burner efficiency practices for their commercial, industrial and utility boiler systems. Increasing boiler life and reducing energy costs is the aim for day 2! Construction design standards, boiler inspections, operating control testing and general troubleshooting tips will also be discussed in this important second day. This day is designed to help you get maximum mileage out of your boilers.

• ASME Codes
• NFPA Codes
• NBIC Code
• Water Level Control
• Temperature Control
• Pressure Control
• Fuel Trains
• Fireside
• Waterside
• Burner
• Auxiliary Equipment
• Heat Exchanger Efficiency
• Combustion Efficiency
• Efficiency Tests
• Condensate Return
• Steam Traps
• Burner
• Controls
• Additional Tips

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