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Learn how to easily and quickly uncover errors on complex financial models with tools already available in both Excel 2003 and 2007.  Desktop widgets are available as part of the course to provide you with additional video assistance.


1 - Learn how to quickly and easily find errors and audit a spreadsheet

2 - Understand how the auditing toolbar can help make your spreadsheet error-free

3 - Learn how to use test data to uncover errors

Title:  How to audit an Excel financial model

Instructor:  Scott Powell

Session length:  17 Slides

Anticipated completion time:  45 minutes

Quiz:  5 questions - no time limit

Skills Gained

1) Learn how to develop error-free spreadsheets. 
2) Test data.
3) Auditing toolbar.
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Fundamentals of financial modeling: Auditing a financial model in Excel Online course
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