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Failure to understand the dangers of cadmium and lead, and the correct practices that should be followed when working with them, can leave you exposed to long-term health risks. Lead and cadmium have a number of industrial applications. This course provides an understanding of the basic health effects, routes of entry, methods of compliance and prevention, and regulatory requirements for both cadmium and lead standards applicable to workplaces covered by the general industry standard 29CFR 1910. This course familiarizes the learner with OSHA regulations related to lead and cadmium.

Learning Objectives
  • Match cadmium and lead to their industrial uses
  • Identify the sources of cadmium and lead in industry
  • Recognize the long-term health effects of exposure to lead and cadmium in a given scenario
  • Identify how lead and cadmium enter the body
  • Match exposure to lead and cadmium with their symptoms in a given scenario
  • Identify appropriate labeling for containers storing lead or cadmium
  • Identify protective clothing and equipment required to prevent exposure to lead and cadmium
  • Identify OSHA workplace hygiene requirements
  • Identify the requirements for regulated areas in relation to lead and cadmium
  • Identify the training requirements for employees who are exposed to cadmium or lead in the workplace
  • Identify OSHA's medical surveillance and exposure monitoring record-keeping requirements in relation to lead and cadmium in the workplace
  • Recognize OSHA's requirements for medical surveillance
  • Identify the required information in a written compliance program
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