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Advanced query methods in Access 2010 make it easy for an experienced end-user to retrieve the results they desire and to have those results displayed in such a way that the data is easy to interpret and analyze. This course describes the various types of join and parameter queries that can be used in Access 2010 and provides demonstrations on the use of action queries, including update, append, delete, and make table queries. It also explores the use of SQL-specific queries such as data-definition, pass-through, subquery, and union queries.

Learning Objectives
  • Create and edit joins in Access 2010 databases
  • Creates a parameter query
  • Modify data in existing tables
  • Create a new table from data in other tables
  • Delete data from an Access 2010 database
  • Identify how to create a union queries
  • Modify an object within a database using a data-definition query
  • Access a hosted database with a view to running a pass-through query
  • Remove duplicate records from a table using a subquery
  • Specify a join in a query
  • Use action queries to modify a database
  • Create and refine queries using SQL
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Joins, SQL, and Action Queries in Access 2010 Online course
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