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Excel 2010 provides powerful data-analysis tools that enable you to explore large amounts of data and to make educated business decisions based on that data. Using Goal Seek and Solver enables you to retrieve required results from formulas by determining the data the formula requires. And you can use additional what-if analysis components, data tables and scenarios, to forecast worksheet outcome models and to see how changing values in formulas affect the formula results.

Learning Objectives
  • Use Goal Seek for data analysis
  • Use Solver to perform data analysis
  • Create scenarios using the Scenario Manager
  • Manage Excel 2010 what-if scenarios
  • Create a data table for what-if analysis
  • Recognize how to project values in a series
  • Use what-if analysis to find out how to achieve a desired result
  • Use what-if analysis to determine the maximum or minimum value of one cell by changing other cells
  • Use what-if analysis to forecast best-case and worst-case results
  • Use what-if analysis to explore a possible set of outcomes at a glance
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