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Word 2010 offers you a variety of tools that allow you to insert navigation and reference materials into a document. With heading styles applied to your document, you can easily construct a table of contents; you can also insert footnotes and endnotes, and you can quickly link to web pages, shared files, or other sections of a document using bookmarks. This course explores all of these topics, and discusses how to use each feature to improve the readability of your documents.
  • create a custom table of contents in Word 2010
  • update a table of contents
  • add footnotes and endnotes to a document
  • customize footnotes and endnotes in a document
  • create a hyperlink in a Word document
  • create a bookmark in a Word document
  • create and update a table of contents
  • customize footnotes and endnotes
  • create a hyperlink and a bookmark
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Adding Tables of Contents, Footnotes, Hyperlinks, and Bookmarks in Word 2010 Online course
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