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Word 2010 offers a wide variety of table and charting tools that let you manipulate and display your data in an attractive, understandable manner. This course shows you that by following a few simple steps you can easily paste Excel data into Word 2010 and either embed the values directly in the Word document or link back to the original Excel workbook. The course also discusses the role of Excel 2010 in Word 2010 table creation and manipulation. And it explores methods of inserting and then designing and altering the layout of many types of charts, including bar charts, pie charts, bubble charts and more.

Learning Objectives
  • Add tables from Excel to Word documents
  • Add a chart to a Word document
  • Change a chart's type, layout, and style
  • Change individual elements of a chart's layout
  • Change the style of a chart element
  • Add a chart and Excel worksheet to a Word document
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Embedding Charts and Tables into Word 2010 Online course
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