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Reports are used in Access 2010 to convert data into useful information and are an essential part of any database application. Access 2010 provides various methods of creating reports to present summarized information easily and effectively. This course demonstrates the use of the Report Wizard, Blank Report, Report Design, and Labels. Also covered is how to add and bind controls, group and sort data, and perform calculations.

Learning Objectives
  • Distinguish between the tools used to create reports
  • Create reports using client-compatible and web-compatible report tools
  • Create reports using non-web-compatible report tools
  • Organize Access reports
  • Add controls to a report
  • Apply data bars to a report control to present data
  • Create a chart in a report to present data
  • Create a report using a client-compatible and web-compatible report tool
  • Create a report using a non-web-compatible report tool
  • Group data in a report
  • Add controls to a report
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Introduction to Reports in Access 2010 Online course
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