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Your project file is probably the most important tool you will use to manage your project throughout its entire project lifecycle. In order to be effective though, it's important you understand how the file works, and how vital project information is for keeping the file relevant to your specific project. This course covers the six steps for defining a new project's properties, including setting your project start date, the project working schedule, and options unique to your particular project.

Learning Objectives
  • Perform actions involved in defining a new project in Project 2010
  • Match pages in the Project Options dialog with corresponding options
  • Name and save a new project file in Project 2010
  • Recognize examples of appropriately named project files
  • Identify alternative file types available in Project 2010
  • Apply project-specific properties and settings to a project file
  • Save the project with an appropriate filename
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Defining Project Properties in Project 2010 Online course
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