Life Safety Code (NFPA 101) Online course

Course ID: 230335

Learn and/or review the requirements that influence the safety of people and protection of property and equipment.

This is designed for building inspectors, building managers, facility engineers, safety inspectors, code enforcers, engineers, architects, building owners and insurers, building product manufacturers including fire suppression and alarm systems—anyone in a building-related field.

Agenda – can be customized
  • General: Section 1-1 through Section 1-8
  • Fundamental Requirements
  • Definitions: Section 3-1 through Section 3-2Classification of Occupancy and Hazard of Contents
  • Means of Egress, Section 5-1 through Section 5-12
  • Features of Fire Protection, Section 6-1 through Section 6-6
  • Building Service and Fire Protection Equipment, Section 7-1 through Section 7-7
  • Means of Egress Requirements, Protection, Special Provisions, Building Services, and Operating Features
  • One- And Two- Family Dwellings
  • General Requirements, Small Facilities, Large Facilities, Suitability of an Apartment Building to House a Board and Care Occupancy, and Operating Features

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