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Update Your Contract Law Knowledge

Reviewing, drafting and negotiating contracts can be one of the most important and tedious aspects of a business attorney's practice. Are you confident in your abilities to draft and negotiate legally sound contracts in your client's favor? This seminar will review the latest tips and techniques for writing contracts so you can remain up to date. Don't miss this opportunity to advance your contract negotiation and drafting skills. Register today!

  • Review key contract terminology and definitions of essential legal elements.
  • Know how master agreements can be affected by subsequent agreements.
  • Understand how operating agreements are different based on the business entity.
  • Negotiate indemnification provisions in business agreements.
  • Learn how to protect intellectual property and trade secrets to avoid theft of confidential information.
  • Utilize effective negotiation strategies that ensure good deals and avoid bad deals.
  • Identify and employ remedies for breach of contract issues.
  • Recognize how bankruptcy can affect contracts and specifically the assumption or rejection of terms.
  • Review ethical issues such as rules of professional conduct.

  1. Essential Legal Elements
    9:00 - 9:40, Gardner F. Davis
    1. Common Terminology and Definitions
    2. Master Agreements
      1. How Subsequent Agreements Affect Master Agreements
    3. Choice of Forum and Law
    4. Statute of Limitations
  2. Drafting Business Contracts (with checklists)
    9:40 - 10:20, Dr. Neda A. Sharifi
    1. Terms and Conditions
    2. Representations and Warranties
    3. Dispute Resolution Provisions
    4. Boilerplate Provisions
    5. Drafting Shareholder and Operating Agreements
      1. Sole Proprietorship
      2. Partnership
      3. Corporations
      4. LLC
    6. Drafting Purchase and Sale Agreements
  3. Competition Issues and Non-Compete Clauses
    10:35 - 11:20, Howard A. Caplan
    1. Non-Compete Clauses: Drafting and Enforcement
    2. Confidential Information
    3. Trade Secrets and Intellectual Property
  4. Negotiation Strategies
    12:20 - 1:05, Gardner F. Davis
    1. Steps to Ensure Good Deals
    2. Tips to Avoid Bad Deals
    3. Preliminary Agreements
    4. Letters of Intent
    5. Oral Representations
    6. Revoking an Offer
    7. Counteroffers
  5. Indemnification Provisions in Business Agreements
    1:05 - 1:45, Charles W. McBurney Jr.
    1. Purpose
    2. What Types of Agreements Should One Utilize an Indemnification Provision In
    3. Drafting of Agreements
    4. Statute of Limitations
    5. Where Does Common Law Indemnification and Contributions Fit in
    6. How to Negotiate
    7. Third Party Action in Premises Liability Claims
  6. Breach of Contract
    1:45 - 2:30, Dr. Neda A. Sharifi
    1. Enforceability Issues
    2. Addressing Disputes
    3. Calculating Damages
    4. Successful Remedies
  7. Bankruptcy's Effect on Contracts
    2:45 - 3:30, Charles W. McBurney Jr.
    1. Requirements of Assumption
    2. Standards for Rejection
  8. Contract Ethics
    3:30 - 4:30, Howard A. Caplan
    1. Rules of Professional Conduct
    2. Confidential Information of a Client
    3. Scope of Representation
    4. Conflicts of Interest

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