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Collect Years of Title Experience in One Day

In preparation for this practical, nuts and bolts course, veteran title practitioners across the nation were asked what they consider the top defects they've had to resolve over the last few years. The responses were compiled and now experienced faculty is ready to take you through the list of problems most often encountered and increasingly litigated. They'll provide you with best practices for curing each one in an engaging presentation of real-life scenarios and examples. Collect years of experience in resolving defects in one full-day course. Register today!

  • Learn best practices for curing the most common defects that attorneys are encountering today, so you can ensure a clear title.
  • Prevent real estate transactions from falling through because of a break in the chain of title or unreleased secured loans.
  • Find out how experienced practitioners are curing access, easement and encroachment problems.
  • Obtain releases for judgment liens, mechanics' liens and other claimed interests attached to real property.
  • Discover how to resolve a defective mortgage foreclosure and how to release mortgages from lenders who don't exist anymore.
  • Confidently satisfy missed tax liens.
  • Don't let missing information in the title stall probate procedures upon the property owner's death.
  • Understand how to handle mortgage fraud and improper actions by closing agents.
  • Ensure it's possible to obtain title insurance coverage against any remaining problems.

#8 - Break in Chain of Title
9:00 - 9:45, David L. Campbell

  • Missing Documents
  • Name Variances of the Grantor/Grantee
  • Inclusion of all Proper Parties on Documents

#7 - Judgments and Liens
9:45 - 10:30, David L. Campbell

  • Unsatisfied Judgment Liens Which Have or Haven't Been Paid Off
  • Failure to Obtain Releases of Mechanics' Liens
  • Springing Liens or Claimed Interests in Property
  • Lis Pendens

#6 - Mortgage-Related Defects
10:45 - 11:30, Richard E. Anderson

  • Improper or No Discharges of Prior Mortgages
  • Lack of Proper Assignments of the Existing Mortgage
  • Gap Mortgage With a Balance
  • Releasing Mortgages From Lenders Who Don't Exist Anymore
  • Having Possession of Adjoining Property Without a Deed

#5 - Easements/Encroachments/Setback Issues
11:30 - 12:15, Britton L. Larison

  • Access of the Premises (Common Driveways, Private Roads, Partial Interests to Recreational Land, etc.)
  • Indefinite and Unclear Easements
  • Encroachments of a Significant Nature
  • Violation of Setback Requirements
  • CC&Rs and Equitable Servitudes
  • Waterfront Issues Related to Reliction and Accretion
  • Railroad and Mineral Rights

#4 - Fraud and Forgery
1:15 - 2:00, Britton L. Larison

  • Fraud or Forgery in Conveyance
  • Closing Agent Issues - Defalcation and Claims on Closing Protection Letters

#3 - Foreclosure Issues
2:00 - 2:45, Richard E. Anderson

  • Defective Mortgage Foreclosure
  • Failure to Notify or Serve all Necessary Parties

#2 - Estate Issues
3:00 - 3:45, Mark W. Sutherland

  • Missing Estate or Heir Information in the Chain of Title
  • Dower or Homestead Issues (Missing Marital Status, Missing Homestead Language, etc.)
  • Unprobated Estate Interests
  • Powers of Attorney - Improper Execution of "Fresh" POA or Defective "Old" POA
  • Life Estates Reserved

#1 - Rights of Third Parties
3:45 - 4:30, Laura Canada Lewis

  • Rights of Off-Record Third Parties
  • Right of First Refusal or Option Missed
  • Unrecorded Leases

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