Mineral Rights: What You Need to Know Now! Online course

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Don’t Lose Out on Potential Oil, Gas and Mineral Clients!
Attorneys are fielding more mineral rights questions than ever before. It's only a matter of time before you get a call. Are you prepared to answer lease and royalty questions? Do you know how to handle clouds on titles involving mineral interests? Are you up to speed on the latest issues regarding use of surface issues? Can you effectively assist your client with force pooling and unitization agreements? Hear from our experienced faculty on these important topics and take home practical tips for your practice. This cutting edge, full day legal program will give you the update you need on mineral law. Don’t lose out on potential oil, gas and/or mineral clients because you aren’t prepared to accurately assist them. Register today!

  • Review methods of creating ownership of mineral rights.
  • Examine mining/extraction rights and easements, how to negotiate them effectively and how to overcome eminent domain and valuation issues.
  • Discuss how to resolve conflicts amongst owners, including use of surface and trespass issues.
  • Review the law of mine void and pore space as it pertains to natural gas and mining companies.
  • Discover the ins and outs of coal bed methane ownership and force pooling and unitization agreements.
  • Get up to speed on the latest Virginia case law.
  • Effectively draft and negotiate mineral interest leases and royalties.
  • Discuss title problems left by old mineral rights leases and avoid the problems they cause.
  • Apply the Virginia Gas and Oil Act to your current cases.

    9:00-10:15, Timothy W. Gresham
    • Theories of Ownership
    • Methods of Creating
    • What is Owned or Granted
    • Mining/Extraction Rights and Easements
    10:30-11:30, Timothy W. Gresham
    • Right of Support/Subsidence
    • Use of Surface/Damages
    • Trespass
    • Waste
    • Clouds on Title
    • Statutory Actions and Protections
    11:30-12:30, Patrick Baker
    • Hot Topic
    • Natural Gas Companies
      • Leasing Old Mines
      • Storage of Gas/Power Companies Discharge GHG’s
    • Mining Companies
    • Storage of Coal Slurry and Waste
    1:30-3:15, Blair N.C. Wood
    • Theories of Ownership
    • Force Pooling/Unitization
    • Case law and the Virginia Gas and Oil Act
    3:30-4:30, Wendy Inge
    • Security and Cyber Liability Concerns for Lawyers
    • Transactional Conflicts
    • File Retention and Data Back-UP

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