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You can use the many layout options in Word 2013 to create flowing, easy-to-read documents with a balanced visual appearance. Word lets you break your document into multiple sections so you can alter aspects of the page formatting - such as page orientation, numbering, or headings - from one section to the next. Word 2013 also enables you to organize text into newspaper-style columns or even tables. This course introduces all of these concepts and teaches you to align page elements, create and work with reusable pieces of content known as Quick Parts, and create reusable actions known as macros. This course will help prepare learners for the Microsoft Certification Exam 77-418: Word 2013 which certifies individuals as Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): Word 2013.

Learning Objectives
  • Arrange text into columns in Word 2013
  • Use page and section breaks in a Word 2013 document
  • Add columns and breaks to a document
  • Use tools to arrange objects on a page in Word 2013
  • Organize objects on a page using alignment tools in Word 2013
  • Create a macro in Word 2013
  • Record a macro and set appropriate security settings for it in Word 2013
  • Use Quick Parts in Word 2013
  • Customize and insert a Quick Part in a document using Word 2013
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Customizing Document Layout in Word 2013 (Update Avail.) Online course
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